What Does a Man Desire in a Woman?0

What Does a Man Desire in a Woman?

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What Does a Man Desire in a Woman?

What does a man desire in a woman? It’s a question that nags at many of the female population.

It’s also a question that once understood, can save and strengthen many relationships. The answer can also be a nice pathfinder to those entering into the dating scene.

Physical attraction usually works like magic, but only for a while. Still, every man has their own preferences when it comes to the physical aspect. For example, we have men who would strictly go for the blond types; others want their ladies curvy or slender.

However, that’s not all that a man desires; neither is it about the superficial makeups and hairdos. It takes way much more than what is on the outside.

Let’s go in depth and discover what exactly most men desire in a woman they are dating or one who’s already in a relationship.

What does a man Crave in a Woman?  Depiction of Sincere Love

depiction of sincere love

Let’s face it. Love and not just sexual attraction plays a crucial role in any romantic relationship. So, it’s not rocket science that a man desires a woman who shows the love that is sincere, and not based on some fallacy or pretense. Most men are highly ingenious, and they can sense from a mile away if someone is genuine in their expressions of love or not.

To decipher what true love is; it comes with specific essential characteristics. For instance, a man wants a woman who can show empathy and that she can clearly understand what he’s going through at certain times.

What does a man hunger for in a woman? Whether he’s merely feeling misaligned, or happy, he needs someone in his life that can handle his pains and share in the joys in equal measure. There is a need to have that compassionate and support system.

It’s a kind of love where she is capable of correcting him with love and understanding while having his best interest at heart.

The ability to compromise is vital and this means that she can accommodate his needs and desires. However, she needs to be careful so that she does not sacrifice herself for her man’s selfish gains.

The 50/50 Rule

In this case, there must be some boundary as to how far it can go. Look at it as 50/50, both give and take in a relationship. Keeping that balance is the key for both partners to maintain.

Consider kindness and generosity also, as this allows situations to give and take to have precedence in a love relationship. There are frequent instances where a woman wants to accept, and take, and never give back.

It can be quite a turn off, and a man feels that they are just being used, instead of being valued as an equal partner in a relationship. The best thing, therefore, is if she’s willing to put in the effort to see her man thriving and happy.

Desire for Respect

what a man craves for

It’s natural for men to want to be respected by their woman. It is inherent in them. They lust after the thought. Even so, it’s crucial that before she extends that kind respect, she first respects herself. Respect means that she can understand her man, know what he needs, and give him his space he needs.

It involves allowing him to express himself, be whole, and accept the fact that he needs certain things which are not in alignment to hers. Sometimes all they want is simply just to be alone. To think issues over or solve problems in the way they know best. Most men need space just like some women do.

Respect his opinion, regardless of any disagreements or arguments which are sometimes unavoidable in a relationship. Also, respect requires the elimination of all kinds of condescension for your man. Be aware that you don’t criticize him behind his back regardless of what is going on between the two of you. Remember it’s a partnership, a bond; respect should play a big role.

Value of Trust

Trust is the glue that holds a typical romantic relationship together, and without, it quickly disintegrates. Then, a man always wants a woman who’s open, truthful, and reliable at all times. Men are sweet on this. One who can bare it all on the table, but also have the capacity to keep their shared secrets.

The fact that she can keep promises, by following up on what she says she would do, it’s a big plus. If she’s supportive, focuses and prioritizes on his needs, she’s a gem. It allows the man to feel completely safe and protected in the presence of their significant other. Trust allows the man to feel a sense of security and stability while offering the same in equal measure.

Intelligence is Important

Physical attraction and flings can be short lived. A man desires a woman who can carry out an intelligent conversation, reason out, has a great personality and can easily solve problems that crop up.

So basically a woman needs to have the capacity to engage in real, meaningful discussions, and conversations. She enriches the relationship with ambition and the ability to chase her own dreams while also creating room for personal growth.

A man loves a woman who has her own dreams, and not one who is merely tagging along, with no particular vision at all. One who can debate with him, and can easily stimulate his mind to be able to think out of the box.

Shared Values

It’s quite indisputable that people who hold different values from each other cannot easily coexist. As such, a woman needs to know what kind of values their man holds, and aspire to those kind values as well. For instance, if he loves his family, or has certain hobbies, the woman needs to have her interest along those lines as well. Otherwise, a relationship is without shared values and interests are not sustainable at all. Same goes for the man, he needs to be involved and interested in the women’s interest as much as possible.

What Does a Man Desire in a Woman? Conclusion

Romantic relationships can be quite simple and enriching if only women knew what their men wanted, and vice versa.

For example, things can work out so well if there is a true expression of love and appreciation for a man. It may also need you to compromise and exercise lots of empathy.

Respect for your man can also work like magic. It’s because men have this natural desire to be the head, and be valued by their significant other. Once as a woman, you factor in most of these aspects, be assured that a relationship can only gain and prosper. The trick is maintaining a balance of mutual respect and support for both partners.

“To love is nothing. To be loved is something. But to love and be loved, that’s everything.”  T. Tolis

Summary of what a man desires in a women

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