What to wear for first date0

What to wear for first date

Important Tips : What to wear for a first date

So you’re excited, maybe a little nervous. Don’t worry, its completely natural. What to wear for first date is often the most important thing you’re in control of.

A first impression is vital to your date and also yourself. It reassures self-confidence within and reduces the stress that you possibly have. Being comfortable starts with what you are wearing and the image you convey.

There are several things that you will need to think about when you are deciding what to wear for first date.


The first thing is that you want to make sure that your clothes are clean. Simple, but some times taken for granted. This means that you don’t need to wear the same jeans that you’ve been wearing all week on your first date.

If your clothes are not clean, then there is a chance that they are stretched out, wrinkled and even smell. Therefore, the clothes are not going to look very good on you. The clothes might also have some stains on them that you might not be aware of.


The second thing is to try not to stress out too much about what you are planning on wearing. This is because what you wear on the next few dates are what is important. It shows the person how you feel about going out on another date with them based on what you are wearing. Therefore, if you start to dress down, then it will show the person that you feel more comfortable with them.

What to wear for first date – Choices

Make sure that you are not too overly ambitious with your style choices. It is a good idea to wear something that is neutral like a black skirt or leggings paired with a silky blouse in white. Stay somewhat neutral, black and white is something that will always be sexy and with a good shade of lipstick, you will be great!

Confidence a woman should have on date


Try not to have the confidence with your body to bare it all. If you are showing too much skin on the first date, it can be very uncomfortable for your date. It is a good idea to figure out what your best asset is and show that off. For example, if you have killer shoulders, then you would wear a strapless maxi dress.

When you are trying to be sexy, it is important to show off at least one of your body parts like your legs, shoulder, back, or cleavage. If you are showing off more than that, then your date might think that you are sleazy. You could also give off the wrong idea to your date if you know what I mean.

What to wear for first date

Caution – Wrong clothes

It’s not always a good idea to wear your little short black dress on your first date. This is especially true if you are going to a movie because you will feel out of place on the date. Therefore, you will feel very uncomfortable, so your date will also feel uncomfortable.

You should figure out where you are going on the date so that you can dress appropriately. The date will go a lot better if you are easy going and you have the ability to fit in wherever you go.


Make sure that you look approachable to your date. This goes back to being comfortable. You want your date to be comfortable when they are around you. Therefore, you will need to wear something that puts you at ease. If you look high maintenance, then you are not going to be very approachable.

Something that will be comfortable is a cardi wrap or a cowl neck sweater. It will be very elegant and kind of sexy at the same time. The sweater is very soft and feminine so if you want to be sexy with it you can put it off of your shoulders.


Women's hair for date

Don’t have your hairstyle where it will be slicked back. This is because it will appear to be high maintenance to your date. If you have long beautiful hair, then you need to let it be free. Most of the time, the man is going to image running his fingers through your long hair.

Short hair? Have a little bangs cover your face. Try not to have the basic part in the middle look. Some slight bangs covering your forehead can appear somewhat sexy. Just have a little style if possible.

Makeup Tips :

What to wear for first date

What about the amount of makeup that you wear? You want to make sure that you are not wearing too much makeup on your first date. You don’t want your makeup to distract the date from your personality. This is especially true if you are wearing so much makeup that it will come off when you wipe your mouth after eating. This is also why you need to stay away from any type of body glitter for a first date.

You should be able to find a balance between overdoing it and not wearing enough. It is important to show your date that you have put a little bit of effort into getting ready for the date. Too much make up can easily turn off your date. With excessive make-up, high maintenance and the time it takes to get ready could be a negative in his eyes.


Make sure that your undergarments like your bra fits you properly. There is nothing worse than adjusting yourself while you are on your first date. But if something happens and you feel the need to readjust, then you will need to excuse yourself so that you can go to the restroom to fix it.

Sucking in

Don’t wear something that you feel like you will have to suck in all of the time. This means that the outfit is too tight for you so you are not going to be comfortable in it. You also could not appear to look good in that outfit.

You have to think about the fact that the first date is probably going to be uncomfortable as it is without your clothes being uncomfortable. A dress is something sweet and simple that you could wear for your first date as long as it is not too short. Your favorite jeans and top can also be just as favorable. It all depends on the setting of the date.

Small World

small world

The last thing is to remember that there’s a possibility that you could run into someone that your date might know. You are probably not going to be spending a lot of time with his friends on the first date but you might see them when you are out, especially if it is a place that he goes to a lot with his friends.

This is another reason why you don’t want to show too much skin on the first date. His friends might also get the wrong idea about you. It can be embarrassing to your date if you are wearing something that is inappropriate.

You’ve dressed to impress and now it’s time to enjoy your date.These are the top things that you need to think when deciding what to wear for first date.

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