How to be Attractive to Guys0

How to be Attractive to Guys

How to Be Attractive to Guys

We all want to look good to potential partners. We want men to look at us. Most certainly we want them to long for us. We want them to jump at the opportunity to be with us! Although many of us jump to our appearance when we assess how attractive we are, our beauty is much more skin deep. We’re going to explore all of the factors to bear in mind when figuring out how to be attractive to guys.

Confidence Is Key

We have to be assertive. And we must show the world that we’re here. We love ourselves, and people should know it by looking at us. You gotta walk upright. We must speak clearly and audibly. Above all, we must stand by our convictions. Life is scary, but we’re not scared. He will notice if we’re confident and secure in ourselves. The right man would think it’s sexy. And he’d be right; female empowerment is sexy. A confident, composed attitude will show him that we have life by the horns.

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Our self-assurance will repel the leeches and ne’er-do-wells who would simply relegate us to the kitchen or the bedroom. What about us who don’t feel confident? We must fake it ‘til we make it. How? Tell that critic inside our heads to shut up! Take a leap and try something that makes us nervous.

When we come out safe on the other side, we will have shown ourselves that our faith in our abilities has not been misplaced. We must walk the walk and talk the talk. He’ll notice, and he’ll be drooling whenever we stride by.

Take Care of Yourself!

To men, a woman who doesn’t take care of herself isn’t putting much effort into her life. That is a huge turnoff. We don’t want a wild-man. Well maybe the beard and the burly muscles are a turn on to some of us. But we at least want a wild-man who smells nice, brushes his teeth, clips his nails, wears clean clothes, and showers regularly.

If you want to know how to be attractive to guys, men want the same from us. They notice when we haven’t put in the work. Exercise is a plus as well. We don’t need to be an Olympic runner or a dead-lifting champion to show him that we take pride in our health and well-being. A small effort when it comes to maintaining our health goes a long way in showing him that we’re not just dragging our way through life.

How to Be Alluring to Guys?

Self Respect of course

Men like women who like themselves. Actually… let’s rephrase that. Worthwhile men like women who like themselves. We can’t be a doormat and play second fiddle to everyone else. That will attract some men, but these are not the kind of men with whom we can have a sustainable healthy relationship. The men who go after the women who lack self-respect are the same men who beat, cheat, lie, and steal. They’re the men who will break our hearts and leave us battered and lonely when they’re done with us.

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The importance of self-respect extends to our dealing with good men too. If he keeps doing something that we don’t like but we don’t value our own feelings enough to say something, then he’ll just continue doing that thing without ever knowing how much it bothers us.

The right man will be open to discussion when we decide to bring up our grievances. He may not necessarily agree in every case, but at least he’ll be open to meeting us in the middle. Maybe some of us are afraid that he won’t like is if we say what’s bothering us. Well, if he reacts harshly and is not open to discussion, then let him go. This type of man doesn’t respect us. We can’t respect ourselves if we put our needs under everyone else’s wants.

How to Be Enticing to Guys

Please, Be Positive!

Don’t be a negative Nancy. The world is glum enough as it is. He doesn’t want to spend his time around someone who is always complaining and bringing him down. He definitely doesn’t want to drink that downer Kool-Aid for his entire life. It’s OK to vent and share grievances, but that can’t be all we talk about. He’s not our therapist; he’s a prospective partner.

Constant negativity is emotional vampirism; it’ll suck the good feelings dry. Negativity encapsulates more than just complaining. Pessimism is a big no-no too. Maybe he wants to try new things but we’re always shooting his ideas down because we’re scared it may not go well. He will take notice and come to think that we’re boring.

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When men get bored, they look for excitement. If we can’t provide excitement, then someone else will. There is a place for caution. There is a place for skepticism. We mustn’t let these things consume us, or else we’ll only be our fears and dislikes in his eyes.

The Trial of Trust

Lets dig deep on how to be attractive to guys. He wants someone whom he feels safe with. We do too. If he’s in the dating game, then he doesn’t want to waste his time on someone who can’t be relied on. If we’re always standing him up or coming up with bogus excuses, then he’ll think of us as a flake. No one wants to be with a flake.

We shouldn’t gossip about our close friends and family around him. He’s going to take that as evidence that we’ll gossip about him. We must always make a point to show him that we’re trustworthy. A man sees no future with a woman whom he can’t trust. We want to show him that we’ll be there when the going gets rough. We want him to know that his secret is safe when it passes through our ears.

Mind Your Manners

Although it’s sometimes easy to imagine men as barbarians or slobs, we must remember that desirable men are not like that. They’re courteous. They’re civilized. They have manners. These refined men expect us to hold those qualities as well. They’re put off by women who swear like a sailor. Chewing with an open mouth is a sure way to make them close the door. Disregard for public rules and strangers’ feelings shows them that we grew up in a barn.

A little etiquette isn’t difficult to muster. Acting without courtesy makes it look like we don’t care enough to put in a token effort to appear civilized. There are plenty of women in this world to choose from; we can’t disqualify ourselves by emulating a cave woman.

Lets really understand

how to be attractive to guys,

About Appearance…

Although looks do matter, they are only one aspect of what makes us attractive. The men who only go for looks tend to have little to offer in the way of personality. Not every guy will be physically attracted to us, and that’s fine. Others will find us physically attractive.

There are only so many things we can change about our looks. We can get a new hairdo. Or we can work out. We can wear makeup. The list goes on, but at the end of it all we can only work with what genetics has given us. That’s not a nail in the coffin but an opportunity to improve our appeal in more meaningful ways.

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The best way to boost our prospects is to focus on our personality. The right man will be doing much more than just looking at us. He’ll talk to us. He’ll get to know us. We’re not just some statue with appealing parts; we’re interesting and unique people who have a lot to offer. We want a man who is impressed by what’s inside. The right man stick around when we grow old and our looks fade. He won’t jump ship if we get an unsightly scar. Chemistry is an equation and looks are just one variable.

I Did Everything Right but He’s Just Not Into Me!…. I want to be Glamorous in his Eyes 

That’s OK. It will happen. Every man has their preferences, and sometimes we just don’t fit their criteria. Does that mean that we’re not attractive? Does it mean that we did something wrong? Of course not! Our value as a person is not determined by what our crush thinks of us.

Maybe he likes tall girls and we’re a little short. Maybe he’s going for a gal on a similar career path. What if he thinks we’re nice, but there’s just not enough chemistry there.

We’ve all come across people in our life that, while nice and interesting, we wouldn’t really care to spend time with every day. There’s nothing wrong with that person; they’re just not for us. Think of it like that. Sometimes two people simply don’t click. That’s not a failure on anyone’s part; it’s just a fact of life.

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Therefore, don’t be discouraged when it doesn’t work out with prince charming. We’re great. We can find someone else. Like anything in life, dating takes effort. Few of our accomplishments have been the result of success at the first attempt.

We’ve learned more about how to be attractive to guys. We must use this knowledge. You must keep putting yourself out there. We must take an active role in our happiness, and sooner or later we will prevail.