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Body Language Men Love

Top Signs : Body Language Men Love

Here’s a comprehensive guide on the different ways our bodies talk and what body language men love.We want everyone to know about the body language men love to see.

We may talk with our mouths, but not everything we say is spoken. The physical distance that we keep between us and our date, the eye contact, our hands, our feet, and our smile (or lack thereof) all add up to tell him what we really think, whether intentionally or not.

We shouldn’t feel betrayed by our bodies, so long as we’re not blind to what they may say for us. When we’re on a date, our body language tells a story.

What Men Notice

Show Me Your Hands!

When we’re worried, threatened, or not relaxed, our hands won’t move much. In the face of danger or uncertainty, we assume a defensive position. Whether our hands are placed close in front of us, on our laps, or on our seats, rigid hands show the man that we’re not interested. Same goes for crossed arms. When we’re very interested in a man, our hands will start to take on a mind of their own.

We’ll play with our hair, touch our face, fiddle with our clothes, and so on. This shows a man that we’ve let our guard down. Our hands are moving about freely to show that we feel comfortable, safe, and maybe a little attracted.

Our wild hands are easy to lose track of, as when we are really into that guy, we are more focused on him than what we are doing. It’s prudent to be mindful of what our hands say, as our words may be coy and reserved but our hands tell him otherwise.


We don’t need to be on a date with Quentin Tarantino to know that he’s taken notice of our feet. My feet? Well… I did just get a pedicure! Hey, maybe he likes that, but it’s not just about your podiatric aesthetic.

Just as our hands say a lot about what we’re feeling, our feet tell their own tale. They tell others where we want to go. If we’re sitting down for lunch with our date and our feet are pointed toward him, he’s likely to know that we’re interested.

If our feet are pointed toward the door, then he might assume that we just can’t wait to leave. It’s not much different when we’re standing up. If we’re chatting with a group of people at a party, our feet are inclined to be pointed toward the person in that group with whom we feel most comfortable.

If it’s a boring conversation, our feet will point away from the group entirely. The phrase “put your best foot forward” should be taken seriously. If we’re into him, our dominant foot is most likely to be a bit closer to him than our other foot, as if we’re ready to step in his direction.

Eye Spy –

The Secret Body Language Men Worship

eye contact

If we’re into him, we make a lot of eye contact. If we’re not really into him, we tend to avoid his gaze. Now, it’s important not to stare at a date like Medusa trying to turn him into stone, but it is vital to bear in mind what our eyes are communicating. If he notices that we’re averting his gaze, he’ll probably think that we’re not interested.

Some of us feel a little intimidated or self-conscious about the level of eye contact we make, but it’s only awkward if we think about it too much. If we keep calm and don’t obsess over what our eyes are saying, we’ll do fine.

Closing the Distance

Getting physically closer to a man shows him that we’re interested. It is a figurative and literal expression of how we’re feeling. Scooching over on that park bench, holding onto him at that scary movie; these kinds of actions show him that we want him.

We want him to protect us, want him to know that we’re open to him. We want him to know that we feel safe around him.

Likewise, if we’re widening the gap between us and our dates, we are giving him a clear sign that we don’t want to get closer to him by any meaning of the phrase. Now if we’re subtle, he may not immediately pick up on it.

When our enforcement of distance persists, most men will understand. If he continues to try to get close to us after we’ve clearly tried to make some space, then he’s either woefully socially inept, or a total creep. Either way, it’s best to part ways with that one ASAP.

C’mon Now Touch Me Babe!

If we like him we are far more likely to touch him. If we’re always reaching for a hug, then it shows that we want physical contact with him. Even an innocuous touch of the arm speaks volumes about our level of comfort and desire.

For those of us who just happen to be very physically affectionate, it’s worth noting that we may be sending the wrong messages to guys with our physical contact. A guy that we’re only platonically interested in may believe that there is more going on if we happen to touch him often.

Facial Fixation

woman sucking on a straw

We’ll find ourselves sucking on a straw, putting our finger by our mouth, or biting our lips if we’re really enamored with him. When it comes to body language men love that image tends to be quite arousing for men.

Need we say more? Some of us simply have a fixation and put things in our mouths no matter who we’re around. We must be vigilant when around strangers or men whom we’re not interested in, as this behavior is very likely to grab their attention.

Body language men love > A Peek at Posture

When we’re interested, we tend to be more perky. We stand or sit a bit more upright. We’re relaxed and we may lean in their direction. If we’re not having much fun, we tend to be slumped over with an uncaring appearance. If we’re worried, threatened, or uneasy, we will be tense all over and it will show.

What Is His Body Telling Me?

Things such as eye contact, physical touching, closing the gap, and foot pointing are pretty uniform between the sexes. There are some gestures and actions that are more common among men than women, though. Below is a list of some of the major messages that men may send with their body language.

Gigantic Gesticulation

If a man is moving his hands wildly while telling a story, he’s trying to get our attention. He wants our attention because he wants us. He’s more likely to speak at a higher volume as well. He wants us to know that he’s there, and he wants us to look at him. He’s putting on a show for us, and it’s up to us whether we play along.

Body language men love Secret

Eyebrows, Prepare for Liftoff!

body language men love

His eyebrows will tell you a lot. If they’re halfway up his forehead when he’s listening to you speak, then he is very interested in you and what you have to say. When his eyebrows are moving around a lot as he’s speaking, he’s trying to focus your attention onto him. While some men’s eyebrows are more “vocal” than others, men who barely move their eyebrows are generally either shy or uninterested.

Large and In-Charge

It’s pretty clear by now that men who are interested try hard to get our attention. Another trick up a man’s sleeve is to try to appear large. They’ll spread their legs and widen their shoulders. Maybe they’ll play with their hair and not-so-subtly flex their bicep as they do it.

When he does this, he’s trying to show you that he’s strong. He wants you to know that he’s robust and suitable for a woman. He wants to appear as an impressive specimen of masculinity. There are men who pull it off better than others, but almost all men do this.

Body Language Men Love – Guide Me Along

A man who’s into us will often try to move us along physically. He may put a hand on the small of our back as we walk through a restaurant. He may hold us close as we walk through the nightclub. By touching us this way, he’s trying to establish a physical connection, show us he wants to protect us, and show the world that we’re his.

For those of us who don’t like that, it’s easy to make a little distance in those situations. If he doesn’t get it or simply pays no mind, then he doesn’t respect your boundaries and needs to go.

The Time Keeper

body language men adore

Some men are always looking at their watches or phones. In the right context, it’s no big deal. Maybe there’s a time constraint or he wants to get you to that movie on time. Outside of these contexts though, constantly checking the time is not a good sign. If he’s into you, he should be focused on you; he should be enjoying the moment.

Checking the time makes it seem like he has better places to be. He could be a workaholic and is simply checking for updates on a project or emails from co-workers. Some women like a very career-driven man, while others can see it as obsessive or strange. It’s up to us as individuals to decide if this is a deal breaker.

Body Language Men Adore –

Pay Attention to the Details

So now we better understand how to recognize a date’s social cues, and we now know how to show him the body language men love. Every man is different, so every man will do these things differently.

One guy may not be all about huge hand gestures, while another guy is all for it. Jim doesn’t move his eyebrows much, while Allan’s eyebrows dance like there is no tomorrow. So don’t sweat it if a man doesn’t check off every gesture from the list. He’s saying a lot, and we’re a step ahead if we can see it.

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